The X Factor Games Casino is a place where you can win money.

The X Factor Games Casino is a place where you can win money.

The X Factor Games Casino Review – Is It Worth It?

The X Factor Games is a fairly creative name for a casino, and it fits the theme rather well. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it gets the job done. Just to summarize, this is an online casino that is based on the enormously popular ITV program of the same name, which has been licensed and franchised all over the globe. In every season, a new group of aspiring pop stars queue up hoping to be discovered by the judges, or even just to have their music in front of them as their friends and family clap and cheer them on from the stands. Those experiencing X Factor withdrawal symptoms while waiting for the new season to begin may get their thrills by joining up for The X Factor Games and seeing everything it has to offer.

In terms of content, what does The X Factor Games have to offer? Let’s see, we’ve got the incredibly specific welcome offer of 27 free spins, so let’s have a look at it. At sibling site Love Island Games, you’ll only receive 22 free spins, so count yourself fortunate if you’re thinking about joining The X Factor Games rather than that site. After you’ve registered with us, you’ll get an opportunity to play some of the X Factor slots and scratch cards that have been developed throughout the years. You’ll also get the opportunity to explore the bizarre and fascinating world of slingo, and who could say no to such an enticing offer?

The X Factor Games: What You Need to Know

Bear Group Ltd. is the company that manages the X Factor Games. They are a subsidiary of Gaming Realms PLC, and they have an agreement in place with ITV Broadcasting to create some of its flagship programmes and repurpose them for use in a casino setting, according to the company. It’s an interesting notion. It’s simply a pity that it’s been done so poorly. If it’s any consolation, Bear Group is licensed and controlled by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, while its parent business is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange, for what it’s worth. The X Factor Games customer service staff may be accessible via the website, albeit it isn’t immediately clear how you may accomplish this. There is a help button in the bottom right corner of the screen, but it provides nothing useful when pressed it.

Well, technically, it does present a search box into which you may input your question, but it does not seem to produce any results that are relevant to your inquiry. Whatever the case may be, maybe you might attempt to connect with a team member via social media? Now hold on a sec, what’s this, The X Factor Games hasn’t tweeted yet, despite the site having launched in 2016? What an oddity. Let’s have a look at Faceboook. Wow, it seems that the Facebook page is still being updated. Currently, this is the only one of the three websites and six social media profiles operated by this company that is truly in use. Thank you for the lovely surprise.

Banking on the X Factor

According to the standards of today’s online casinos, there should be a variety of options for depositing cash into your account at The X Factor Games. E-wallets and mobile-specific choices, as well as bank transfers and maybe even Bitcoin, are all available, correct? Not at the X Factor Games, at any rate. Sorry, but you’ll only be able to use your credit or debit card. The payment provider logos shown in the website’s bottom certainly provide that impression, at least based on what can be seen. It would be convenient if you could just click on a banking website and be presented with a list of all of the deposit and withdrawal choices available to you, but that would be way too convenient. That is not an option available to you on this website, or on any of the other websites controlled by this firm. While this seems to be foolish, they are by no means the only casino operator that is hesitant to provide payment information with players. There is a help section on the site, which can be located at the bottom right of the screen, however it is not functional and is thus of no assistance.

Offer Upon Arrival

The X Factor Games’ welcome offer, which is prominently posted on the website’s homepage, consists of 27 free spins, which may be claimed as a no deposit bonus after registering. After joining up, all you have to do is register your credit or debit card and you’ll be rewarded with your valuable 27 free spins. The greatest thing is that you don’t even have to make a deposit into your account to take advantage of this offer.

The bad news is that you’re only authorized to accrue a maximum of £100 in winnings, and you’ll have to gamble your winnings 60 times before you can withdraw your winnings. Therefore, it is quite improbable that you will be able to win anything from your free spins, making the whole exercise a meaningless waste of your time. On a more positive side, when you deposit £10, you will get a 200 percent bonus, giving you a little additional money to play with.

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